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CK – Computer Kinesiology
Rehabilitation and Excersize Programs

Computer Kinesiology (CK) is a series of interactive computer programs for the diagnostics and correction of the human motoric system. The system combines western medicine know-how with that of regulatory medicine. It is based on the fact that all processes in the human body are reflected in the state of the motoric system. The complex computer analysis of the state and function of the motoric system reflects the condition of the whole body. The system was compiled using results of longterm research and clinical testing.

The CK sytstem works in two phases – diagnostics and correction.

The Diagnostics Phase

The diagnostics phase is based on well known examination procedures testing the movement range and sensitivity of various parts of the body. The findings of the examination are processed by computer software enabling a detailed analysis with the help of regulative medicine. The diagnostics results are displayed in graphs showing the total body disbalance, the disbalance of the motoric system and the disbalance in muscle groups. Further, graphs show the most critical areas along the spine, in joints, the skeleton, visceral and endocrinal systems.

The Correction Phase

During the correction phase the computer compiles a correction procedure with respect to the critcal points in the body using techniques according to the qualification level of the adminstrator of the correction. The qualification levels are as follows:

1. Excersize – with qualified assistance or individualy (IGA programs),
2. Massages,
3. Reflexive therapy using acupunture techniques – access only for qualified MD´s.

The computer will indicate the correction method, the target point on the body, the time, intensity, and rythm. The software maintains an archive for each patient, enables the exchange of information between programs of different qualification levels depending on a predefined access priority to information.

SPECIALIZED CENTRES of Computer Kinesiology CK

The figure shows how the program displays the correction
method target point, time, intensity, and rythm.

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Rahabilitations, Excersizes
Rahabilitations, Excersizes
Rahabilitations, Excersizes
Rahabilitations, Excersizes
Rahabilitations, Excersizes

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