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IGA – Individual Asanas Gymnastics
Rehabilitation and Excersize Program

IGA is a set of interactive computer programs designed for rehabilitation centres, fitness centres, and for the broad public for excersizing at home or at work.
IGA is the result of long term research and clinical testing.
IGA enables regular monitoring and regulation of organism in the body, esepecially regarding the condition of the spine, joints, and muscles.

IGA is indispensible especially for: – personnel with sit-down jobs; – children and youth; – peopleb with a sportive life style
and for all who desire to improve their physical condition and avoid health problems.

It is always difficult to make the first step on the way to ones self-improvement and these programs may provide necessary assistance. IGA programs will help you enhance your physical state without excessive effort after only a few sessions.

The IGA program works in two phases – the diagnostics phase and excersize phase.

Diagnostics Phase

The diagnostics phase is based on well known examination procedures testing the movement range and sensitivity of various parts of the body. The findings of the examination are processed by computer software enabling a detailed analysis with the help of regulative medicine. The diagnostics results are displayed in graphs showing the total body disbalance, the disbalance of the motoric system and the disbalance in muscle groups. Further, graphs show the most critical areas along the spine, in joints, the skeleton, visceral and endocrinal systems.

Excersize Phase

Based on the results of the diagnostics the excersize section will offer a series of excersizes represented by icons depicted on the screen designed to eliminate disbalancing tensions in your motoric system. The excersizes are derived from hatha-yoga positions (a form of yoga for physical excersizes). The sereis of excersizes is designed specificaly for you and the given moment of the diagnostics and excersize session. The computer shows individual excersizes (asanas) on the screen indicating the excersize intensity and the breathing rythm.
IGA wil make you stronger than your ailments. The IGA programs are the basis of an entire software system for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. IGA enables data transfer to higher types of medical progarms. This ensures expert care of your health also when your disbalances cannot be reliably remedied by excersizes only. All programs create archive copies of information regarding the state of your organism with respect to five specific areas: the spine, joints, skeleton, organs and glands. Access to this information is provided to qualified medical doctors using higher versions of these programs. You can present a diskette archive copy of the state of your oprganism to you medical consultant for checking.


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Rahabilitations, Excersizes
Rahabilitations, Excersizes
Rahabilitations, Excersizes
Rahabilitations, Excersizes

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