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Massage Tools

* are designed for massaging feet and other parts of the body
* will refresh you when feeling pain or fatigue
* provide a wide range of use for everybody
* are made of natural materials

Feet Massage Tools

1. KOMFORT, dimensions 380 x 280 x 120 mm. Ensures comfortable massaging of both feet simultaneously. Enables massaging the metatarsus, the lateral arch, the transversal arch and a spot massage of reflexive zones. It features an exchangeable massage element for massaging the lateral arch as well as the outer edge of the foot.

2. ALFA, dimension 300 x 270 x 120 mm. Provedení podobné jako KOMFORT, menší pracovní plocha, nemá nástavec na masáž podélné klenby.

3. TERNO, dimensions 380 x 147 x 120 mm, for massaging the foot and the metatarsus of each foot at a time.

4. MASÁŽNÍ VÁLEČEK, rozměry 50 x 103 mm. Jednoduchá masážní pomůcka pro masáž chodidel a nohou.

Hand Held Massage Tools

5. MINI, rozměry 245 x 210 x 56 mm, s malou vodorovnou pracovní plochou. Vhodný na masáž dlaní nebo jako cestovní varianta na masáž chodidel.

6. PIKOLO, dimensions 140 x 60 x 50 mm, for massaging sensitive body parts.

7. UNIS, dimensions 175 x 75 x 50 mm, for sensitive complexion.

8. DUO, dimensions 175 x 85 x 50 mm, for back massage.

9. CELUT, dimensions 115 x 75 x 70 mm, for the massage of large muscles (legs, back) applicable on complexion with a thicker layer of hypodermic fat (prevention of celulitide).

10. MASSAGE BALLS of varying sizes for rolling massage as well as for excersizing the hand motorics of the and mental relaxation.

Taking Care of Your Body

Many civilization diseases; i.e. some kinds of head-aches and back aches very often correspond to a disbalance of the body motoric system. It si possible to prevent these discomforts or to attenuate them by massaging respective reflexive zones. Reflexive zones are located in the tendon filaments at various points on the human body and they are in constant relationship to the stability of the whole organism. Every reflexive zone corresponds to a certain part of the organism. By massaging a zone a positive effect can be achieved on the state and function of corresponding internal organs and parts of the body.

It is especially important to take care of feet which bear the full weight of the human body. Most people go around wearing shoes and their feet never touch the ground directly. At work, at home, during leasure, while travelling, or during sports feet do not receive enough the stimulation that would help keep legs and the whole body in balance.

Massages using special tools work in three ways: they pleasantly massage the body surface, they massage the deeper tendon tissue stimulating reflexive zones, and they enhance the condition of the whole body and the function of individual organs. A regular massage using massage tools brings joy and relief at the same time.



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Masážní váleček

150 Kč

Masážní koule vel. 30

24 Kč

Masážní koule vel. 35

27 Kč

Masážní koule vel. 40

30 Kč

Prodejní ceny jsou uvedeny v Kč včetně DPH

Při zasílání dobírkou účtujeme manipulační poplatek 180,- Kč na zásilku do 15 kg .

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